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COMMENTS RECEIVED – www.ipicthat.com
Dr John Rack from Dyslexia Action:
“Without formerly reviewing this online dictionary it is difficult to fully evaluate it. However, Dyslexia Action welcomes developments such as this one – especially when they are designed by people who know first hand the frustrations of dyslexia. The internet offers tremendous opportunities for presenting information in ways that can be ‘friendly’ for people with dyslexia but, at the same time, it is important that dyslexic people are given the chance to improve their skills. As such something like ipicthat.com would appear to be a useful resource, whereby assistive technologies like this enable the user to improve their skills in the privacy of their own home”.
Kim Balaskas from The Learning Foundation:
“Well I have had a look at this site and it is fantastic! I work with a method based on a book called The Gift of Dyslexia, where we help people to use the visual minds to overcome their difficulties. This dictionary could be a very useful tool to my students and anyone who thinks in pictures. By the way all dyslexics think in pictures.
So yes I do think it is very useful, definitely something I will share with my colleagues and students. I think it would be really great for children in schools too”.
Mother of 7 year old dyslexic boy:
“Hi. As a mother of a dyslexic child, I think this dictionary is fantastic”.
Mother of 5 year old dyslexic boy:
“Hi. I have just had a look at your talking picture dictionary and I think my son and daughter will both find this useful. What a fab idea! Good on ya”.
Mrs Graham from New Zealand
“Thank you so much for the time and effort taken to develop a fantastic resource and the generosity of providing it free to assist those with a learning disability. I commend your innovative and philanthropic efforts. I will certainly ensure that those I come across with a learning disability are referred to this site”.
Dolly from UAE
“hello Today , I know about this website and I'm very happy to know and I hope to learn here I'm so happy about that I hope before I know it well, I see to u thankful to make this website and sorry for my bad language I'm from UAE bye”.
Peter Clements – ESOL Tutor
“Hi Marcus. This is a fantastic tool! I am an ESOL tutor and have just used this with my beginner class. All the students were able to use the dictionary at their own pace and hearing the words spelled out and broken into units of sound is so helpful for them. All the students asked if we can use it again next week and on a regular basis. The idea of the scenarios is very useful - I'd also love to see one of a construction site with the names of some of the tools and equipment because I once worked in Germany on a site and in a shipyard and had to learn words find the names of all the tools from my dictionary by writing them on off-cuts of wood then looked at them throughout the day as I worked! This is a really powerful and useful tool, thank you so much! Peter Clements”
Mrs Margaret Thornton – PATOSS
“I am a member of PATOSS [professional association of teachers of specific learning difficulties] & will be showing them your web sight at our next meeting. I have never seen this sort of picture dictionary & I am sure it would be very helpful to students. I will show my husband as well as he struggles when his walking dictionary is out! I found your website address in the 'Big Issue' ...”
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