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Welcome to PICTURE THAT, an exciting new reading learning programme we are making available free to the world on the Internet. We believe the method we are offering will revolutionise the way people with reading difficulties can become more effective readers. Poor readers are already benefiting greatly from our multimedia online programme and so too can your company by having its name linked to what we believe will become a worldwide phenomenon for strengthening communities.

Poor reading skills equals poor earning potential

In the modern world the single most debilitating barrier to realising one's potential is poor reading skills. In practical terms poor reading skills equals poor earning potential and a limited standard of living. Sadly, poor reading also features strongly in the backgrounds of the majority of people in our prisons. Our education systems seem unable to make a difference in significantly reducing this reading failure. Meanwhile we see disadvantage in our communities continuing to grow and for many of us this affects people we know and love. In the end poor reading affects us all because it impacts on the economy.

Worldwide phenomenon

The driving force here has been to create a learning programme that really works and which can be accessed by the very people who need it, hence why we have made it freely available. We believe our learning programme will succeed where all others have failed. PICTURE THAT will become a worldwide social phenomenon for dramatically improving many peoples' potential because it works and it's free.

But it is not free to produce.

PICTURE THAT Sponsorship opportunity:

Invitation to join with us in making this community-strengthening reading programme sustainable.
PICTURE THAT offers significant mutual rewards. With your contribution we can continue to refine, improve and extend the programme particularly in enlarging the Category area. By displaying your company's logo in PICTURE THAT your company is highlighted as a caring citizen of the community and a keen supporter of a drive to eradicate poor reading skills as a barrier to individual achievement.

How the sponsorship works

You choose a word in PICTURE THAT and we place your logo near the word with a link on that page to your own website homepage. It could be a word which is somehow connected to your business or other activity. However, you can choose any word. There is no limit to the number of words you can sponsor. The cost of sponsorship is only £150.00 per word per annum.
On any cost-benefit analysis this amount will probably be relatively minor in the context of your annual advertising budget but with potentially huge returns in lifting your company's public and even international profile.

All we require is a copy of your logo in .jpg or .gif format.

These are some of the organisations that have joined our programme:

How To Organise Your PICTURE THAT Sponsorship

This part is easy too! Just contact us with your choice of word or words and placement instructions within PICTURE THAT and we will invoice you for payment (we do not currently have facilities for online payments). One of our representatives will happily assist you, if you wish, in choosing words for best effect for your company, or to answer any questions you may have.

Please contact us for further details.

“We decided to sponsor the word Innovation as the Enterprise hub looks for innovative people and ideas. The Picture That Dictionary is certainly innovative and is a great learning tool to improve reading skills”
Jim Christy
Director at East Sussex Hub
“We promote knowledge sharing and collaboration so I thought it was an excellent idea to support this initiative sponsoring the word “Community”. Sponsoring a word is very easy and it feels really good to contribute to a project of this nature”
Begoña Bagur
Marketing Manager at Use8
The User Experience Society
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